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"Dining peaks" full lunch at punch my brother in makinohara buckwheat and rice bowl!


Rose's "Soba" banners along the National Highway No. 150 line of makinohara shizunami Beach entrance intersection angle、Shaking hands dyed Orange curtain、Soba and eel、Started with the Tempura.、Enjoy lunch with various Japanese restaurant "dining peaks" there!

Here my family is real.、We opened his parents at an early age from、In addition to the regular customers of the local、Summer is near the sea,、Now thanks to your surfers and families come to play shizunami beach as early as the opening 40 years anniversary!

That from now on he suffered early-onset Alzheimer's-type dementia his father nine years ago to、To shape to succeed his brother 峯野 Ken (Suguru Mineno)、And this year I'm happy to welcome the lovely bride "Aya-Chan"、My mother and my brother、And with wives who work well together and、And are letting me do in the family!

Shop、Thanks Carpenter father brother Uncle、Has undergone a renewal of several times during the past 40 years、Provides a warm wood thinks the article space。

The number of seats、6 counter seats、In the tatami Room 4 persons table seats for three available!

While regular home condition of the mother and father to go to homecoming。By now my mother 3 years ago suffered from myocardial infarction、Our couples also incorporates lifestyle "Zennoa""Srq"thanks to health supplements,"Babin"、Blood pressure is stable and、Recovery heart、In addition to the、Liberated from the pain of knee joint was worried about ten years、We are relieved for showing us an energetic appearance。

Also father of Nursing Certification 4、Since I started taking "Babin" as "SRQ" is transformed from a wheelchair、Be able to walk much alone、More than anything、Apathy、From the mouth of the father in the deadpan, didn't say a Word、And now that word at a smattering of desire saved our family smile come is full!

On this day、Handmade soba noodles make my brother and Tempura、Candied rice、We can choose among pork Bowl "small bowl" suggest lunch (980 yen)!

On a hot day、Good and smooth in your throat, you can freshen up and "down near" my personal favorite!

Her husband simply enjoying the "Soba"、Finally Soba day getting stiff we are。

Comes with "candied rice bowl" in which volume is perfect!
"Don pickle" is usually more "tuna Bowl.、"Bonito Bowl" was a spicy ginger!

Because the dish, such as a small bowl of the day recommended are listed in the menu、If you prefer a drink while enjoying a drink on!

Mt. Fuji Shizuoka airport and shizunami Beach visiting、By all means see dining peaks "to please! awaits you!

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To grow and dyed in the color "beige" each wine & dining Retreat of the Italian store "La vena del renno" Nagoya
To grow and dyed in the color "beige" each wine & dining
Retreat of the Italian store "La vena del renno" Nagoya



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