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Lunch meeting with the Zennoa officer in "Ginza Garnet" well-established Shabu Shabu restaurant



In the "father of Super fruits"、The 60-year-old independent machine in the world for the first time developed "noni juice" creator John Wadsworth (John Wadsworth)、Before the company as field vision could not be done in the company to grant its launch "Zennoa(Senna) "United States launched at the same time、Japan Branch President, Japan raw food society and、"Natural diet & Raw Rojas"And then run、Natural diet&Domon Taiko in the charisma of the raw food industry (Hiroyuki Domon)Mr. pick、Next plays the Grand opening in March 2017!

And "Zennoa (Senna).、Japan English "goodness" (balance and harmony、Peace) and from French Polynesia, "NOA" (free)、Something of value is not yet known in all over the world to see out.、By placing them in the world、To contribute to achieve the lifestyle of the people named on the concept!

"Noni juice" played the big break in the United States 20 years ago from now、18In 1998, five years ago and expanded in Japan、And sputtering a phenomenal sales in the first year and will! At that time、The husband was intimately involved in the company's promotions and sales、It was intended to cheer John this fresh start "Zennoa (Senna)" promotion to help you! Which will build no new affiliate business model.

On this day、Officers will come to Japan from the U.S. headquarters in、Ginza established kuroge Wagyu shabushabu restaurant "PomegranateGinza "at the Lunch Meeting.

While seasonal oysters、Discussion about David Kasteler (David desigh) is serving as Chief "Zennoa (Senna)" marketing and future promotions!

It's me interpreting、Abe Takayuki (Takayuki Abe) in the Communication Department of the Japan Branch Chief and I to thank you! Abe、Thank you very much!

There's son-in-law Zennoa (Senna) CEO John Wadsworth (John Wadsworth)、Will this time be served marketing chief as Senna CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) David Kasteler (David desigh)、And proven ability as a successful marketing professional and entrepreneur、Prior to joining Senna has more than 600 employees billions of organization-wide and international translation company founded。He is English.、Spanish、Thai、And fluent in the Chinese language、US efforts are now trying to understand Japan, too、Japan language like Word's "improvement"! In the handsome, brilliant and bright mood makers、Has brought the leadership。And your beautiful wife and cute two children young boys dad is、Let me see some family pictures taken care while、Do you have adorable faces plenty of affection!
And、Takayuki Abe (Takayuki Abe), it is、Through the Bank of Germany、And walk the road as the elite of Wall Street experience had served as Senior vice-president of Lehman Brothers (Senior Vice President)、I 'Zennoa (Senna)"has as head of the Communication Department of the company active in interpreting, etc.。Because he plays with Japan-U.S. time zones、Day and night, has been active in the company "Superman" known as is! However,、Your business card there is surprisingly titled "Yoga Instructor"、Able to feel at once (lol)

For the Grand opening of the spring、United States between is welcomed to Tokyo with more kick、I would do my best to facilitate!







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Enjoying reggae in 'ollins caliber"Ohi-machi established Bangladesh bar Tokyo Station Hotel 2012 along with the renewal of the Tokyo born newly!
Enjoying reggae in 'ollins caliber"Ohi-machi established Bangladesh bar
Tokyo Station Hotel 2012 along with the renewal of the Tokyo born newly!



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