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It's focusing on gourmet, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Overseas travel、To deliver the lifestyle information such as design WEB Magazine alleys

Yakitori House sumire oimachi branch "popular chicken chains such as Cafe dining



Tokyo, from Oi became a second home away from home while the station's has numerous temptations by the Niles、Unleash the shimmer of red lanterns, such as standing and the aroma of food and beverage stores are filled!

"What I eat? "And discuss、Confirming the condition of the head and the stomach each other、On this day [yakitori House violet"at Dinner Time!

Was going to head to the nearby bird sentences、Not out of goodwill but unfortunately, as it was closed!

That didn't discourage、Order sought "yakitori" brain "Yakitori House sumire Ohi-Cho store"That would bother you now!

First glance、Brick exterior is dressed sort of like café bar、Any image of the yakitori grilled over coals run rampant! Women's nice catchy!

The restaurant is on the first floor 6 counter seats、2~ 3rd floor has a living room table and dug kotatsu、20And the store name level that can accommodate。To the cremation site pleasures we enjoy to of course counter seats。Also involve cremation site manager and enjoy!

Using chicken chicken bred in the foothills of Mt. Daisen, Tottori、Per order carefully one beat the spit and、Grilled over toasted! At the Roundhouse, and thick!

See the menu and、As well as the yakitori、Affordable food from noodles.、Rice dishes、Sweet Suite.、It is saying something like "yakitori izakaya" like!

This became a store chain in Tokyo focusing on a nationwide scale, multi-store is deployed、Affordable corporate effort will offer a high-quality feel、Among beer and soda jug one cup [190] and was presented with a surprise price!

Like "salt who cabbage", perfect for resting and another free one 300 yen、This year's "green onion" in the "gizzard"、"Spit chicken cartilage.、"Seared" in "Oyama chicken fried chicken.、To finish "dense violet enough collagen chicken & paitan Ramen" I received!

Talking about friends and my brother was at the counter next to、Surprisingly he did with fellow countryman "Shizuoka Prefecture"! I wonder who is if the counter edge!

Oi is really high CP restaurant is packed! We love Oi!











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