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Toyama chef of special lunch at the "Lake Hamana Royal Hotel" in French "Bumbo surreal"



2010 yearThan2012JulyOver the "Seen from the East Japan"Theme is renewal part 'Hamanako Royal Hotel"Mr.。Last year2014/3The、Renewed bath and bath、ONSEN La Coon (hot spring Raccoon)Open and buzzing with activity! In the cold of winter as a clear blue sky、Gems like sparkling waters of Lake Hamana, central locationHamana Lake RoyalSan。Also on the way to arrive、Drive is very pleasant good views.


An open entrance lobby with Oriental atmosphere the image of Bali Indonesia


And events are held there Sunday?、Parking is almost full and bustling Buri said。Hamana Lake RoyalMr. so、Last year2014/SeptemberIn the hotel parkingElectric automobileThe owner travellers comfort are available asRapid charging equipment ( EV QUICK)With regular charging equipment (EV 200 V)Was established。Open attitude to meet the various needs of the users26First yearOne reason why now also loved many of the。At the hotel、And enjoy the paintings have been exhibited at the entrance、Tea lounge rippleCan often be found for people who enjoy tea at.


On this day、The top floor French 'Sky restaurant bombosur"Mr. at the、Yoshiaki ToyamaHave come to you for the chef's special lunch!


France champagne "Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot"

Manager at University and SumoOgawa DaisaburoSensibly arranged for Mr、"Veuve Clicquot Veuve Clicquot"We have an aperitif.


In the restaurant、100 seating at leisurely intervals、To BGMChansonAnd flows、You can spend an extraordinary loose time!


And more than anything、Click here for hotel13 floorTo the oneTop floorThe splendor of vistas overlooking the Lake from the window of a restaurant、Though overwhelmed by the beauty of the more difficult words and、In the splendor of the Lake with a magnificent view.


Toyama Yoshiaki chef

The course is、Premium drink ofFuzhouSumo andTakashi Fukunishi.Yoshiaki ToyamaIn chef to chef, and asked the。BombosurMr. so、There are special courses for every season、Dehener S (Djenne S) 2310 JPY、Dehener A (degiunet A) 3470 Yen、Dehener B (Djenne B) 4620 Yen、Dehener (Djenne C) 5780 yen (all service charge and consumption tax included)And will be。Our couples、Beef is not very good for、With it we have to replace it is very fun!


See Tasmanian salmon micus kelp flavor

Tasmanian salmon with seaweed-flavored micus (low-temperature cooking) with finish、Sauce with wasabi horseradish with beets。Work incorporates elements of k.、In the low-temperature cooking and learn、Taste of food and is easy to、It is very delicious, umami has been condensed。Boiled peanut garnish yuto in the、Is very sweet and timeless.、Guests can enjoy a taste of the beans.


2 seed bread

Bread is in two.、Wheat and Walnut bread and baguette。Olive oil、Italy is a luxurious extra virgin olive oil of TuscanyLaudemio extra virgin olive oilHas been used。Let with plenty of bread.


Soup of Enshu faux GLO sauteed broccoli and green tea

By Enshu 漁reruAny mount haguroThe mustard and broccoli sauteed lift、Complemented by green tea and Broccoli Soup。By finally serve with green tea mousse、Weekly fun shades of green tea also said that Japan's mind and fragrance。Plump moist baked textureAny mount haguroFor under the、Floors with thick, filled with Sweet Onion、In depth, and very tasty!


Hokkaido venison roast chocolate source

Hokkaido venison roast and、Chocolate sauce。Red beets to add to mashed potatoes、Vivid color the white dish。Invisible unfortunately lean meat with chocolate sauce、It is a very clean burning! The softness of swaying and costume touches with a knife and fork。And the female deer、Meat is moist and delicate fine, decent price、Deep flavor and sweetness is very tasty!


Mont Blanc with vanilla ice cream

During the chestnut cream to the Mont-Blanc、And endured the warm Gateau Chocolat、Foundation is the crispy texture of the meringue。Serve with vanilla ice cream!


Double espresso


Ogawa, daizaburo Manager

Big returns from the road-CHAN、Bother me out!2015 yearAlso big CHAN's also warm and filled with a hearty smileHamana Lake RoyalWill be!LargeChan、ToyamaSan、FuzhouChan、SuzukiSan、Thank you very much! I will come again?!

Hamanako Royal Hotel
Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1 TEL:053-592-2222

Hamamatsu-Shi Nishi-Ku, yuto-Cho Yamazaki 4396-1

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