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At 'portebonur' room and invited guest from Tokyo Hirano President the mess



3MoonViola has been placed more tamachi 1.2 floor wedding place & Banquet Hall 'Porte Bonheurv portebonur"Now、Already wedding ceremonies & receptions also has carried、And reborn as a gate of a lively town centre。In the main ban cricket can accommodate up to 90 people Bowl room、As a venue is available。Current、Construction portetheater (prefecture's largest nightclub) and proceeding smoothly、I think you can present it directly to。In addition to the portebonur、Can you reserved the private room, enjoy a meal、4Pax-8 Pax's response、3,000¥-Negotiable Omakase course available on the、5,000Circle more than two persons, also say OK (reservation up to 2 days)。Entertainment and dining、Is the space of special meals, such as a wedding or anniversary ♪ (from * 4th floor up to 8th floor of the multi-storey car park is、Using hours and minutes and free and is safe)


On the hotel walls filled with clean white、Etched glass is、I feel the depth。At the entrance in addition to spacious ceiling height 6 m、Splendor to unleash a large chandelier brilliance has。Among them、Abstract painterKoichi KawabeRepresent Blockbuster's presence.


Through the entrance、It was grand staircase leads to the chapel on the 2nd floor with a gentle curve to draw eyes。In the stair below lounge、101Steinway & sons years ago (Steinway & Sons commonly known as:Steinway or Stanway) of the antique piano、Shine its beautiful rosewood skin that appear in the style of a stately。During the wedding ceremony、Where Steinway-playing the "incomparable sound"、Guests at the festive music welcomes you!


On this day、Invited guest to three than in Tokyo.、Around the Plains President served in the private dining。Tact consulting & tax accountants ' CorporationBeginning with Dr. Takeshi Yamada, representative employee、Fix JapanAs of Ginza Branch Manager Takashi KuriharaFinancial Alliance, 峯野, y., Manager。The tact consulting、Inheritance of personal、Transfer、Business succession、Utilization of assets、Shares issue of Corporation、M&A、Business revitalization、So the is a specialized consulting company specializing in business。Fix Japan and financial Alliance the two companies、In both multiple company insurance insurance agencies、2And Japan will top Planner。Upon amendment of the inheritance tax will、In round 8 real estate group will build a new business model、We have set Hirano President and his three professional discussion。This time the、Sometimes called the first meeting、Set in a peaceful mood around food fun while。Beforehand、Sasaki chef must order the Omakase course。And a wedding for a full course and sees a different chef side is also very fun!


First of all the、Sparkling wine is toast!


"Colorful seasonal appetizers Vallier.

Fuji thermonconfi、Served with brioche foie gras、SCALOP of scallop、Line tuna tartare appetizer of the four elaborate sushi red wine flavour and taste。Fuji salmon、Two years to grow in the springs of Mt. Fuji、Red meat is only natural elegant colors.。Body well tight and、And smells greasy as good and clear feeling、It is very delicious。Must be accompanied by caviar, balsamic vinegar。Brioche with foie gras、バターと卵を多く使った発酵パンでサクッと口当たりの軽い焼き菓子のようなもので濃厚なフォアグラを滑らかなクリームのように感じながらいただきますマリネされた帆立貝は海老のゼリーで贅沢に味わいながらもさっぱりとした1品です赤ワイン風味の一口寿司は鮪のタルタルを添えてあり香りが楽しめ酸味は優しく色合いも美しいので目でも楽しめる1品です♪


「パン」 抹茶のパンと四角いミルクパン。At your choice、バターまたはバルサミコ酢を垂らしたオリーブオイルで



ヴァプールとは蒸気の意味を持ちフランス料理の蒸し料理の総称です金目鯛をふっくらと蒸しあげているためとても柔らかい食感が楽しめます鰹風味のムース(泡状)は香り良くフレンチと和の融合ですヴルーテとは、In France,ビロードのように滑らかなという意味の口あたりの滑らかな料理のこと黄カブは野菜の水分だけで煮込むことで滑らかながらも野菜の旨味が凝縮した優しい味わいのソースに仕上がっており白カブと黄カブの食感を少し残したものをアクセントに加えています♪





とろける霜降りの和牛のロース肉には赤ワインのソースでいただきますがアクセントに備長炭と天日塩をブレンドした炭塩が乗っています季節野菜の南瓜やオニオンヌーヴォー葉付人参ロマネスコがエチュベ(仏étuver 素材の水分だけで蒸し煮する料理法)で楽しめます肉料理には赤ワインを合わせていただきました♪









As for the coffee after dinner、正味2時間ほどのゆったりとした会食いつもの如く平野会長の独壇場ではありましたが会長の半生をより深く知ることもできとても楽しい食事会を過ごせました個室ということもあり落ち着いた空間の中細やかな配慮とスマートなサーブで気持ち良く会食が進みました!街中では個室対応のレストランが少ないので駅近で徒歩8分圏内の場所にあるこのようなスペースは大変需要が高いと思います。2日前の事前予約が必要となりますがコースに関しても苦手な食材やご要望などの相談も可能ですので是非ともご利用くださいね♪

Porte Bonheur portebonur
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 223-21 Viola, 1.2 floor:053-413-0880(Please, contact private numbers)
Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

223 -21, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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