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Celebrate your wedding at Bistro de amuser, lunch * in 2014 July closed



Ms. Viola, behind former castle town favorrite "Bistro de amuse"。Japanese hannari, I etc. of is on the 2nd floor of the arrival into the dining。Go up the stairs and a glass window so、Is longer than the in-store appearance and casual cuisines French restaurant。Here is、2007Transferred from the city of Iwata in June, and open、Celebrates its sixth year in Hamamatsu.


Shop、And 6 counter seats、Table 12 seats。The space was small and somewhat、Marc Chagall paintings on the wall's、Lighting is not too bright、The music room Jazz、A sense of calm and where is、It is possible that quietly enjoying a meal at lunch time。The ham is on the counter、In the evening a la carte。Lunch menu、Appetizers、Soup、Main (meat or fish)、Bread or rice、Dessert has a very reasonable course of 1000 yen。In addition to、Beef stew set chef pokka has 2100 Yen。This time the、Always affordable lunch will be charged 1000 yen.


On this day、7Has just gotten married to Moto Ze that based on Kenji Yamauchi & Yoshi that in at lunchtime to Koyama, Masami two wedding celebrations。That have been a celebration of what?、When we go to Italy、What if I can't get in Japan I、Located near Rome's Trevi Fountain store "Chiurato chiurato"And it's acrylic resin real fruit and hot peppers、With wheat and foliage confined "RICCARDO MARZI Riccardo Rachmaninov: piano"To make。Why is、An extensive culinary experience Moto Ze and his bride every day homemaking as Yoshi、Watch table always looks good and happy up on facebook?、2It is because I thought people will decorate the table with perfect is not?。From Moto Ze ' Cook won't be defeated by this instrument sounds! "And we hear nice words,。Yoshi、I have to post up!


Salad of duck meat and appetizers "smoked duck salad.。Homemade dressing as neatly and have good acidity。


Soup is a cold soup opens up the flavor of the sweet cabbage cabbage soup seasoning with salt。


Arouses stand appetite aroma rich bread with fresh basil!


Meat dish: 'chicken Caribbean (with Caribbean rice)"

In the moist fluffy oven-baked chicken、Decorated with chili sauce with a spicy aroma。Half-moon-shaped cucumbers around the Caribbean rice with chicken, served with color!


Fish sautéed with salmon

Baked salmon surface firmly、You are moisturized finish、Sauteed the shredded potatoes and Bacon, served。Up the aromas in the dill and Chervil with fresh herbs.


Today's dessert with vanilla ice cream

+300In the circle it is possible to add to drinks such as coffee and tea。And managed by husband and wife、Shop service Ma'am is also smart and very helpful。Above all、1,000I am happy you give this course in yen tax included。Moto Ze、Yoshi also enjoy a delicious meal together?!

Bistro de amuse
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 222-25 arable 2f TEL:053-454-6630 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday
Hours of operation:Lunch [Mon-Tues-Thurs-day 11:30-14:00(13:30L.O)、Dinner Mon, Tue, Thu-18:00~ 5:00(L.O)* 2014 July closed

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 222-25

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Sipping frayed in well-established ramen restaurant Hama Dragon warm and gentle soy sauce ramen tripe With the reopening of the long-awaited Western h. pine volume lunch.
Sipping frayed in well-established ramen restaurant Hama Dragon warm and gentle soy sauce ramen tripe
With the reopening of the long-awaited Western h. pine volume lunch.


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