Engaged in as a bakery and restaurant France 'lestaminneema' lunch


西ke崎 town HillFrench 'L'Estaminet ema lestaminneema"Mr.。A delicious lunch open to the 4/26/2011、First as a restaurant rather than 1/2011 bakery's as has been started、Getting support from the people of bread, the sensation had spread by word of mouth。What for lunch、Couples three-legged raceHas been done.、In the very personality of good couples to Dubai、Stable Offe suggests that careful work Buri in booked out always packed thanks for State。But on the day of booking is difficult、Became necessary store reservation。EMA chef、MaruThe French in 'resonance resonance"、Minami-Aoyama "L & # 8217s; esprit MITANI resprmitani"In theAnd had worked as a chef。And training in Tokyo、Glad it is more chefs return to local city HamamatsuGuess!


Interior is white to shoot clean overflowing restless with Brown furniture。4 counter seats and tables 16 seats。And to counter overlooking the kitchen、Delicious bread and line。Lunch menu、As one of the main A Course 2400 main meat and fish both the B course 3200 yen and three courses of foie gras with C course 4500 yen (reservation is needed) and。Since the B course have been decided and recommended that both fish and meat dishes、Choose a favorite main courses I ordered!


Amuse "consomme jelly with summer vegetables'

During the and consomme jelly、Summer vegetables are cut into small, good texture and blend、Giving moisture to dryness of the summer!


Assorted appetizer

The table (couscous salad)、Staple food of France、Refreshing summer is salad.。Carrot salad、Pork Rillettes、Manganji pepper fritters、The favorite manganji、More sweet soft by frying。Tinged with sweetness melts in your mouth like spring onions marinated、Sweet Sour celery pickle line。A stable each、It is delicious!


"Four kinds of homemade bread" was sweet and dust pan。None can be delicious。Free refills!


Hamamatsu University of origin pork loin roast

A sweet fat as roast pork loin yaki-Niku wearing。Put sauce seasonal vegetables eggplant, Zucchini and tomatoes.


"Roasted lamb rack (300 yen)

In the bone, so the surface is rising、Is perfect as you can see into the fire! High aroma young lamb。Good flavor with basil sauce、It is recommended you keep plenty of Dijon mustard! In the sense of why、I'll take a sour taste with tomatoes and mushrooms salad!


Traditional France confectionery "apricot clafoutis" originated in Limousin region。Sweetness is like a pudding, baked!


A refreshing summer full of sour homemade yogurt sorbet raspberry and passion fruit dessert!



Since the main volume is pretty hungry 張ri切re it is、In the stable every dish tastes delicious。And always be summer and also inside a cup of Madam who、Faces of customers was changed a little。Here is、Please note that dinner is not、Open only for lunch on the day of booking is relatively difficult because、Minimum of 3、4Prior booking recommended the.

L'Estaminet ema Rest mine Emma
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, 西ke崎-Cho 1088-1 TEL:053-433-7700
Hours of operation:[Bread sales]7:30~ 16:00 [Open for lunch]11:30-13:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

1088 -1 西ke崎, Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City

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