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Sticking to "Prouve prouve" bar is surrounded by a design and interior design


Mannen in Hamamatsu City, located at the bridge Park on the first floor Bar "Prouve(Prouve) "is opened、Are you coming next month in September to three years exactly!

Engaged in Kosai City TavernTakeshi komine (Tsuyoshi Komine).、「アートやデザインに興味関心がある人たちと一緒に過ごせる街中が賑わう場所をつくりたい!」と願い
ご自身が好きなフランスの建築デザイナーである「Jean Prouve(ジャン・プルーヴェ)」の名前を拝借し店名にされ、open!

Glass is decorated with simple and cool, refreshing and distilling it down to the shop、Look in the、Slowly "Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000 ' of eye-catching CD player、Look、What many may be wondering what ya should be。
A chic space with concrete, fenced、And only 12 counter seats、カウンターチェアには小峯氏が大好きな「Jean Prouve(ジャン・プルーヴェ)」の作品「タブレ ウ・Dchair」を起用!杉の板を用いたカウンターや棚上にはなるべく物を置かないようにされており美しさを兼ね備えた店内!

店舗デザインに関しては、The komine's favorite architectural designer "Big Valley GSA (Souhei Ootani)Architectural design office "to the request, and、Have incorporated the requests along with the designer、Trial and trial and error makes it!
The Interior oozes attention komine said casually、Feel the tenderness somewhere warm to the stylish and cozy、Exactly what Mr. komine personality itself!
What reason would be places where people gather and it is natural.

Here is、After you have finished the Kosai city bars that are open for、Always mostly 22 or 23 days to lit light is。
Often that will be open in the morning slow。

On this day、Cho's French restaurant "Café & Restaurant now and forever"ofOnoue, ShigeakiChef and "take over the popular restaurant in the city! "That it be、
Are we friendsMatsui AyakoAnd I invite you, and go with 4 people、3Next to the finish here!

Actually,、One of the bar always had to worry about was、This first visit so had look forward to!

Here is、Also do not place any menu and komine flow。
Wine and cocktails、Introduction to whisky standard menu (table Chair 800 yen)、Also while communicating with interesting menu that pops out!
All patrons will say。"Back here a menu finish in should be eating a curry! "And。
A first look at、Too luxury and want.、The next time、"Finish the Curry" we'd like to try!

This time the、In the nature of wine in South Africa is in stock now、Classics decided to enjoy the wines of South Africa!
Natural and non filter、A faint haze、After we Lammerscoek Chenin Blanc (Rams FC chenin Blanc) where you can enjoy a beautiful acid white wine、
As well as red wine "Lammershoek Pinotage (Rams FC Pinot-Tage)。Enjoy the rich fruity taste and aroma of nachuru wine!
The appetizer、Moist a juicier roast beef curry.

Adult heart and enjoy fun wine space、"Prouve (prouve).。
My favorite shop also increased one ♪ Mr. komine、Thank you ♪

Prouve (prouve)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 327-24
Hours of operation:23:-
Closed on Mondays:Sunday

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