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At the "El Camino tamachi" Hamamatsu City Spanish Cava & raw ham galore!


Spain restaurants opened in the city of Hamamatsu 11/16&Bal "El Camino tamachi"To bother you and、"Watermelon and North," of the Baba was Sachiko andBaba broadband line (Hiroyuki Baba)Ms. engaged Senior-grade House, HouseTanabe Keisuke (Tanabe Keisuke)Dinner time with Momoko Kano Chan-Kun and his wife have a good time!

This is the sanarudai head "El Camino"The second store and、Spain cuisine in tapas suit the wide variety of、Best paella in Spain wine and Sherry feel free to enjoy bars till restaurant.

Shop、The ownerYuji Nakano (Yuji Nakano)Mr. wall paint from brickwork、Space until the tiled and spent more than one month, carefully built an warm.、Cosy! Orange energy pervade wall lined with vivid Spain tiles、In the atmosphere is warm and sexy、The number of seats in the main hall can accommodate about 40 other、2Name-from to suit the number of 10 private rooms equipped、And available to meet needs、Shops in the town is good, really glad!

On this day、While Yuji Nakano owners recommend dishes to please、Spain's CAVA galore! CAVA priced easy returns、The season of cherry blossoms, intercut with rose、Is more full-bodied, rich CAVA until win all kinds!

Is the appetizer platter for.、Spain produced will become El Camino proud "carrot salad" and addictive "white cavisalami hue",。Hard cheese Manchego for sheep made from sheep's milk becomes a habit as much as by milkie、With a rich aroma and flavor of the fat in the form "of Iberico ham Jamon Iberico" and instead、It is a parade of delicious!

Provide the Gratin with Chile Chile "Mai Hanna produces from the garlic olive oil" and "pork tongue in garlic olive oil.、The "shrimp garlic olive oil.、Ride with plenty of sliced baguette。I feel particularly delicious eating hearty seafood paella also poking at everyone!

The atmosphere is different from the Head Office of the sanarudai、Is the city's hustle and bustle.、Is a recommended restaurant interacts with the Jolly owner Nakano.

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Angel from Australia and Japan food party In United States San Francisco via United Airlines from Haneda Airport to Utah
Angel from Australia and Japan food party
In United States San Francisco via United Airlines from Haneda Airport to Utah


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