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Viet Nam cuisine in the cosy café "for Hanoi.



High rise apartment buildings towering near Hamamatsu station, itaya-machi "D & # 8217s; sTower" of 4/12/2015 is opened on the first floor、Immediately greeted the second anniversary "Pho Hanoi (For Hanoi second Beach unstained shop town) ' To!

Here is、This is the real Viet Nam restaurant is operated by Ishizu Toshiaki's food service and event business to business perspectives "render shokai co., Ltd."!

Offer plenty of vegetables,、Cooking healthy with mild flavor cuisine Viet Nam, women's most popular。In specialty stores, home cooks are increasing、This restaurant as well as its authentic taste、From the restaurant to the cosy café of the natural wood grain like that becomes very popular women and couples!

Taxis on the kitchen counter in the seat at the table、And an open terrace with outside dining weather permitting and 40 seats available。
And since exotic AO in the costumes of the Viet Nam Women of the Hall staff、Enjoy the home-like atmosphere!

Rice is also three times per year sourced that in Viet Nam、Well as four、Fresh spring rolls and Vietnamese rice crepe.、Rice flour and macaroni dishes will be food for the soul。

Our lunch menu、Chicken or beef、And the seafood PHO started.、Choose from among seven different types, such as Viet Nam chicken curry or the Special、This order and betnamchkincare mini PHO with the classic "chicken Pho and spring rolls.

Chicken PHO、And take a、And was savoring the flavor and rich broth filled with、Juciy moist and Braised chicken, but 堪rimasen! There as a relish with lemon and coriander、By adding cayenne pepper to accent!

Also I heita rice noodles with dust、Good and slippery throat、Is also good with lighter taste you! on the four、Comes with a fresh spring rolls、Even eating vegetables shortages tend to be safe!

Viet Nam chicken curry、Rich flavor of coconut milk and whets the appetite of spice! And with a Spicy Thai Curry more than、Easy-to-eat and mild taste!

In addition to satisfying the、It is a pleasing body, mixed with rice grains quinoa and wild rice rice provided menu!

Restaurants, cosy is gentle, healthy taste taste of Japanese cuisine Viet Nam!





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Handmade bread and roasted hot freshly brewed coffee at the blissful morning France restaurant "lagap" conscientious work in the classical style
Handmade bread and roasted hot freshly brewed coffee at the blissful morning
France restaurant "lagap" conscientious work in the classical style


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