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"El Camino tamachi" loves Spanish no. 2 store opens in Hamamatsu City!




Spain restaurant was opened in 11/16 in the city of Hamamatsu&Bal "El Camino tamachi"To bother you and、Have a good time and Yuji Nakano, owner Dinner Time!

This is the sanarudai head "El Camino"The second store and、Spain cuisine in tapas suit the wide variety of、Best paella in Spain wine and Sherry feel free to enjoy bars till restaurant.

Shop、The ownerYuji Nakano (Yuji Nakano)Mr. wall paint from brickwork、I am surprised to say until the tiled and spent more than one month, was crafted carefully! Wow!The amazing!

Orange energy pervade wall lined with vivid Spain tiles、In the atmosphere is warm and sexy、The number of seats in the main hall can accommodate about 40 other、2Name-from to suit the number of 10 private rooms equipped、And available to meet needs、Shops in the town is good, really glad!

On this day、To ask Mr. Nakano restaurant、When it comes to Spain CAVA! From the "CLOS LA SOLEYA BRUT" is a start! Salud!

Appetizer、In "carrot salad" would be proud of El Camino in Spain became a classic salad、Carrot marinated in dressing is very tasty、Also recommend a good carrot! Lot size!

In addition、Some will fit jazz, on leave from the appetizer menu! Those who want to enjoy a different little by little I'm happy platter、Addictive Spain produced "white cavisalami hue" and "hard cheese Manchego sheep' made from sheep's milk、"The Spain of dried mullet roe's first experience、Nifty red of the paprika of exquisite balance of sweetness and richness "Jamon Iberico pork chorizo.、With a rich aroma and flavor of the fat in the form "of Iberico ham Jamon Iberico" and、A parade of delicious food! Rico esta!

"Thank to everyone enjoying the really tasty Sherry! "And was supplied to me by Nakano-San、"Manzanilla La for Gitana (manzanilla la chitana)"! Fresh scent spread throughout、By refreshing the imagination more than、The difference with feel that until now have been a rich and sweet Sherry、Food in served as a drink! Me gusta!

In the El Camino、Available only in Spain wine and、Spain wine and spread! Nakano said that passion though it feels! Especially the restaurant、Using a single kind of alvarinho wine reasonable, compared with drinking and moved up in the same varieties are easy!

Feel the white flowers and peach fruit、Enjoy the delicate minerality、To enjoy the early stages from a 10-minute "Adega Condes de Alabarei"、Nora da neve 2014 honey an elegant feel, more complex and mature。Both high score, I knew the potential of Spain wine!(A ✧ ◡with window ✧ a)Qué padre!

Provide, Chile Chile and hissing hot ' Mai Hanna produces from the garlic olive oil "is、Will ride with plenty of sliced baguette! The old、That was Spain with the eel FRY in garlic olive oil、It has been arranged in the "Shirasu" here! It also superb! Emoción que!

[Okayama from Braised mussels mussels steamed in white wine.
While modest, yet been condensed flavor, in Jusici "cream sauce for fish and shrimp is a rich sauce baguettes intersect it with the blouse!

Fit the Jamon Iberico pork roast entrees and "seafood paella" MACAN CLASICO 2011 templarinho red wine。Makan Classico Rioja is known as the brewing of fine wines of Spain's has remained a rich、Guests can enjoy the unique flavor and spicy! Feliz!

Finish in desserts、Sweet Sherry with the Pedro Giménez "EMILIO LUSTAU" will be served with ice in affogard! Ageing out shades of Brown、Toro-(s) is mild and sweet condensed、Even with currant and、That combined with the vanilla ice cream in adult special suites, moonlights! Estupendo!

The atmosphere is different from the Head Office of the sanarudai、Is the city's hustle and bustle.、Nakano's own feels joy in the near distance with customers every day! The staff will be active as Nakano-San's right-hand manKato, Keita (Keita Katou)And it's unique character is nice、Ease of care is my favorite Shop No.1 ♪ Magnífico.

























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With the sweets of Tokugawa Ieyasu "confectionery Tsukasa AOI" confectionary Domestic honey that makes a rich and healthy yogurt cheesecake
With the sweets of Tokugawa Ieyasu "confectionery Tsukasa AOI" confectionary
Domestic honey that makes a rich and healthy yogurt cheesecake


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