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Sarakhamisarn 2 new open Thailand-Laos cuisine "sarakhamisarn" branch



Red bean rice cakeIn a Thailand-Laos dish specialty store "Sarakhamisarn"Is it of store no. 2 last year201411-20.Sekishi town 'Sarakhamisarn 2"AsNew openWas。Supermarkets of sekishi futamata Road old House、Each placemark、Raised in front of the shopFlag of ThailandAnd is a big yellow sign!


Landmark sign


Shop、Entrance immediately set up counter 4 seats、The kitchen's look、Spacious and has more than the head。That is just an open、At the Grand opening celebration of flowers。Staff here it isThailand peopleThat would be、Staff it's one of themJapaneseAs well as、In the language.


Floor、4The table seats for people who's 24 seats in the six next、Table space is enough.、It is spacious。No BGM、I miss a little quiet place but、Think about outgrown for head office、Here I feel pretty relaxed.


To be surprised to see the menu、Obviously quality picture or point of difference、ladeFor photographersRoot built TakahiroThe looms are the pictures! (Surprise) previous、Of the head officeSarakhamisarnIs it to photos when we interviewed is (laughs) basicallyOur WEB MagazineNow、And prohibits any reproduction of the images、We have let me warn at the end of the WEB Magazine is ne good would it though... and I cannot help thinking (laughs)


"Trail am Mitt" 950 Yen

Soup with assorted seafood fried rice in、In Thai、"Cao"The"Rice""Pat"The"FRY""Talay"The"The sea""Dessert"The"Soup"The mean。Helpful and unique Thailand seasoning、A sweet and draws after a bit of spiciness.


"Galpo guy" 890 Yen

In the famous cuisine of Thailand、Chicken fried with sweetened, PLA、Holy BasilThe habit of tangy flavor this dish dish。But not so much hotness、And ask with the rice taste so good!


"Minced pork keao WAA guy" 950 Yen

Green Curry with chicken in、In Thai、"Minced pork"The“Soup or Curry ""Ciao"The"Green""WAA"The"Sweet""Guy"The"Chicken"The mean。Later comes the hotness of a chili pepper、Coconut milk is a mild taste.。It is also delicious eaten with rice、You may eat in the noodle in Thailand。Our couplesThai foodBecause I love、At the end of the monthThailandTo travel is、Now little by littleThaiAlso I want to learn!Corp Ken Carr (women:Thank you)!

Sarakham ISAN 2
Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku sekishi town 406 TEL:053-571-5888
Hours of operation 11:00-14:00、17:00To 22:00
Closed on Mondays:No regular holidays

Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku sekishi town 406

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