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In the Chinese vegetable-centric creations "Lee Lee" Parkview 四tsu池 Showflat complete launch



Behind the Viola, now、Round eight real estate groupHe has condominiumsART FORME original CastleIn before doing the construction work2013In July,The Chinese restaurant was opened "Lee Lee"And I (, Moon Cafe stanza's site)。Here is、Shop where you can enjoy healthy and delicious culinary rare vegetables mainly Chinese cuisine based on。ChefMasato Suzuki (40 years of age-Mr. a、10Was known years centered on Chinese and Japanese izakaya experience、That and the newly opened。Vegetable sommelier Suzuki chefs have obsessions are directly in the market to buy taken、Provides daily fresh vegetable dishes、Grab for women's favorite vegetable、Is a popular restaurant is crowded every day.


Shop、Counter 5 seats、Total 23 seats in the 18-seat table。Shop modern taste is the former restaurant was transformed and、Has been renovated to Western-style Chinese restaurant and her warmth of。In the Interior、Antique table and chairs、Coming up with the lighting consistent、Is a cosy and friendly atmosphere.


On this day、Adjacent to the current production plan lade 四tsu池 Park Tower apartments "Park View Yotsuike"In our natural environmentHealthA launch was held successfully and was delivered to the contractor who constructed the model for high-floor room as a first step we renovated the theme for that。This time、Architects continue advocating creation of living long, gentle wood was responsible for the design and supervision of the HouseHase MoriyasuHeaded by Mr. (back-left) "Hase Moriyasu Architectural planning"Mr.。And specializes in wooden house construction was responsible for "Size: science co., Ltd."Sent from on behalf of architectsSakakibara Susumu ShingoSwallow (front-left)。Was responsible for the construction of bathroom "Kita Shin co., Ltd."Sent them on behalf of theBaba DaisukeI want to 労i-Kun (right back) and three-way!


Before you order on the owner/chefSuzukiFrom cum、And a description of the recommended vegetable of the day、Politely tell you names of dishes using vegetables, such as。Vegetables grown by local mainly domestically produced unusual vegetables is Gotham!


Shaped like gourdButternut squashAnd、Long EggplantWith EggplantGreen EggplantSuch as many types of Eggplant、Rich in nutritive valueBitter gourdAndRed okraGreen okraWith children is packed!


"OKUNO Tanaka frizzante" Yamanashi white 3800 Yen

Sunny located in the Kofu basin eastern slope、Yamanashi Koshu city old back Noda district had a well drained soil。And then run their plantations optimized for wine-making in this area "dream village grape Research Institute、That is delicious using high-sugar content of high-quality grape material intended for wine-making "OKUNO rice Winery"Is it something。Turbidity yeast during fermentation and the fruity taste of farm-house management of Delaware using 100% confined in a bottle is a sparkling wine。By Lee、Ingredients, not to mention wine domestic ones, has been supporting。Men's field work is often like a man、Chaser instead of sparkling wine is beer! (Lol)


Assorted sashimi 2500 Yen

Get interwoven seared bonito was recommended to、Assorted of sea bream, Octopus。We will put plenty of ginger and green onion relish.


"Two vegetables steamed" 1000 yen

In the top menu、There had been further red dot、Selection of delicious vegetable taste simply click here! Two-stage lap served from the、Steaming hot 立chi込me hokkuhokku vegetables tightly in the better! And just to taste the sweetness of the vegetables、The steamed、Comes with a seasoning 4。Accompanied by salt、Increases the sweetness of the vegetables、And served with sweet noodle sauce、Increases in sweetness and rich flavor。Citron、Fresh and tangy and spicy and make great snacks! A homemade white Ponzu sauce、Oh by juice juice with a flop like so。But what seasonings taste vegetables fun、So changing the taste would never get bored!


' Sur lie 2012 Fujiclair "Yamanashi white 3600 Yen

Located in katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture, fuefuki city "Fujiccoweinary"The、ThatMr. BeanIn the famous "Fuji kid ""The wine company。And brewing technology、There are many great wines and wineries。This wine is、With good weather, said the "big vintage.2012 yearUsing 100 percent Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan。Manufacturing-sur-lie (after the juice fermentation、Oli without pulling、Leave approximately 6 months ripen in a tank), is brewing。As a result、Melt into the wine flavor from OLI、Become dry with a fresh, crisp and taste wine。Koshu-Green Apple and lemon、And also smells of citrus, grapefruit aroma and fresh herbs、Clean and refreshing acidity、Felt a faint bitter、Sharp, a taste of dry。Vinegared mozuku seaweed、Hand-rolled sushi、Sushi gari、Marinated、Refreshing dishes such as salad with French dressing、Goes well with sashimi with wasabi soy sauce fried fish!


"Deep fried Lotus root" 600 YenLotus root fried crispy and crunchy taste will light and salt.


"Miso-flavored pork Calvi Goya" 1000 yen

Use plenty of pork ribs with bitter melon、It is nice of sake and rice side dish with spicy miso 1。Bitter gourd bitter is also good at accents.


"Used Eggplant" 1200 Yen

Now press menu with fresh Eggplant。A variety of Eggplant, fried, and used Eggplant and juicier。This menu is、So to take advantage of the material's Tamer hotness。I personally hate is my preference、Used Eggplant mild good once in a while?!


[Miyuki flower rock wine"Niigata white 4200 Yen

1890 year(0/1890)、In Niigata Joetsu father of vine and wine in JapanZenbei KawakamiMr、"Rocky plateau vineyards"Opening。Leave many traces in the history of wines、It is beginning of wine at numerous wine competitions and awards and honors。Miyuki flowers、And European species Chardonnay received the blessings of nature of the echigo-Takada、Using the upstream zenbei made out species rose shiota、Utilizing the characteristics of the raw material of low temperature fermentation with natural clarification of fruit juices、Fresh and fragrant wine。Label pictures of snow Camellia、Is a ceramist, Saito s. Mr images。After this、Also the Red Merlot hosaka of the Yamanashi red wine and fujiclair.、Her husband had forgotten taking pictures。It truly is 6 bottles of wine in five and momentum and you get motion sickness (lol)


"Fried Miyagi Prefecture, Miyazaki chicken and nuts" 1200 Yen

Enjoy the flavours of Jussieu, chicken is the elasticity of the preppy and nuts and texture 1。What food is a fascinating presentation in the beauty of the colours and tableware、China suddenly forgot about femininity、Many feel like as if we have Western-style cuisine. Into the second by active members still drink like lack of! Suzuki-Kun、I will come again?!

Lee Lee
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-4 TEL:053-458-9272
Hours of operation:18:00-23:00(L.O)Closed on Mondays:Monday

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, former castle town 218-4

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Maserati 3200 GT at the Maserati Beach pine sheet coating maintenance
Wine Bar Park at "Antimite" view Yotsuike model room complete launch after-party


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