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Kobe roasted bean coffee "GATI Ghatti. hideaway bar in


Located in Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu City, Nakada-machi hideaway "CAFE&BAR GATI(Cafe & bar Ghatti) ",、2002Opened on the 14th may、
In the Café where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in the roasted beans from Kobe、Also、Shops can be used as a bar of cocktails to entertain adults.

And "GATI (Ghatti).、Which means "road" in the ancient Sanskrit language of India、Feelings of hope "as a place of rest and relaxation time leisurely in comfort please use" Although full name。

Yellow wall colors with marker、Look、Should look like the taste of the coffee shop is、Open the door、There is no window was moist and wet-only atmosphere is spread、
Alone in a retreat atmosphere where you can enjoy!

The menu is、Request from Kobe charcoal roasted coffee beans that has fragrance、Blend、In addition to straight、Can also arrange coffee, such as、In addition to the standard、Featured drink of the season also includes、
In the over the counter、Order is made the master's wife homemade desserts、In our coffee with、You can enjoy German beer and cocktails!

On the shelf behind the counter、And fitted with a stocked one leg one leg sticking master Cup & Saucer、The brand name cauldron of Germany Meissen (Meißen), United Kingdom Royal WEDGWOOD (Wedgewood)、Under the protection of Denmark Julien, Marie Queen Mother Chair, luxury brands such as "Royal Copenhagen (Royal Copenhagen)" was、
In Asia、In the halcyon days of Japan antiques and fine crafted Galaxy and and I wonder if Chinese traditional arts and、Thailand craft、In addition to the、Antique Nordic system and provides a wide range、With neither eye-catching line beautifully!(A ✧ ◡with window ✧ a)Nice!

This Cup is possible you can choose the one you like and、And leave it to the master.、It is possible with each of them to choose!

This time、I had a love at first sight "WEDGWOOD (Wedgewood) Harlequin yellow ribbon" of Cup and husband choose Yokohama Masuda kiln Hermitage sueh Cup、We have some delicious coffee!

Full Cup、What waits for us making it carefully in the drip coffee is very luxurious and fun!

On this day、"Watermelon and North," of commonly known as President:Baba was Sachiko andBaba broadband line (Hiroyuki Baba)Along with the meeting of the work!

Order the "today's picks (this day is a Mocha)" 500 yen and master's special blend 500 yen!
Fragrance、With bitterness and deep flavor blend、Enjoy clean and gentle acidity and sweet Mocha。
Both are delicious、While listening to the jazz flowing in the background music、Then rest time. an adult is perfect for spending time with nice shops!

CAFE BAR GATI (Cafe & bar Ghatti)
Address:Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, Nakada-machi 45
Hours of operation:11:00-23:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday、On the second Tuesday
Parking lot:Aerobic

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