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It's focusing on gourmet, Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka、Overseas travel、To deliver the lifestyle information such as design WEB Magazine alleys

"Midori and branch" was founded 49 years and poker of Azuma shops will be loved by locals ice!


Speaking of summer、This year see poker ice "of the season has come!

In Hamamatsu、Poker say ice、And a constant matrix in does anyone know "green" may、Actually become a branch office "Greenery and branches"Is the next town Iwata!

Hamamatsu hits the family green and green, branch、At the head office as well as history is long and 49 years、Due to the readjustment of the Iwata station、New housing or residence and in renewed, spacious store、Than ever ago, and has grown to the most popular shop!

Sign up high and Azuma-yaki。
In store sale、The Azuma ware baked in hot selling、Menu item for this summer said that what "Poker ice" is!

Shop、In a warm atmosphere in a natural wood、20Includes a seat at the table as the seat。On the wall、Depicted is an illustration of the founding、We had been travelling to cherish the old days!

This "Poker ice" in the menu、50Has stocked more than、Price is 300 yen to 600 Yen to the widespread。

On this day、After proceeding to complete shooting of AB hotel is a business hotel next to the greenery and branches of Iwata station will open June、The AB hotel room construction "watermelon and North," of representativeBaba broadband line (Hiroyuki Baba)(Commonly known as:Baba was POO) with、This poker come cool off on the ice!

Young school girl or couple、And is loved by an elderly couple and generations beyond family、Who is thriving in the entertaining!

"Strawberry milk money (430 yen)" from the menu、Uji milk money (450 yen).、And I ordered "coffee-milk money (450 yen).、3With people all share together!

Inn Keeper appeared to protrude from the ice、There's plenty of syrup and condensed milk、In the lower part of the instruments zusshiri is gold!
Cool、Fluffy's mouth melt good ice and cool body to refresh me!

In Hamamatsu, as well as in the Iwata"Midori" matrices、Become a summer tradition! summer I shaved ice!

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Gadgets "PHA" Thailand living experience Thailand cuisine & restaurants Enjoy an elegant appearance, such as "now and forever" Castle and garden views
Gadgets "PHA" Thailand living experience Thailand cuisine & restaurants
Enjoy an elegant appearance, such as "now and forever" Castle and garden views


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