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Fukuroi "blister and Japanese restaurant and roasted coffee beans day gone stiff coffee time



Retreat home roasting coffee beans shop located just along the road to the Temple of Fukuroi through 'Blister and Japanese restaurant(Mameya Cafe) "to with new year's greetings to buy!

Here is、Beach alley in Hama-CHAN's friend and his wife 濱小路 benevolence and his wife, Akemi was engaged in、 It is a shop where you will find the aroma of roast stand home roasting coffee beans!

In the western part of Shizuoka Prefecture、Not to mention the restaurants and cafes、Apparel and beauty salon、Not limited to grocery stores, such as food and beverage outlets、 Not a blister and Japanese restaurant are buying coffee beans、 Specialty stores are loved by many fans.

The Cafe is not、Good service always order the coffee beans during roasting to wait for me some delicious coffee!

On this day、New year special price offers received were Toraja (made in Indonesia) 200 g 1000 yen. Is a high-quality fragrance.、Good balance of acidity and bitterness of smooth and elegant flavor can be enjoyed!

Lindor (hurt) "Lindt (Linz)" to accompany the coffee sold in the store's Chocolate is better!

Handsaw in my continued love for five years mill of life for、Brochure "Kalita (Carita).、Hama-Chan taught including new! You do not know the coffee is always counseling!

Just、Good timing、Celebrates 100 years of history in the Kakegawa "Kakegawa packaging(Kakegawashiki) "the able to see Kengo's!

The Rooster year of the year、Depicted is an illustration of the cute chicken、Seal type open bottom like egg cartons seems to be of "Kakegawa paper" your new year's!

At 'blister and Japanese restaurant.、Someone always have to meet、Become a space of healing that everyone will love!













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Aiming at "Italy restaurant Anello" people of Italy restaurant "Maserati Hamamatsu in your new year! Our Maserati's ride on the good news!
Aiming at "Italy restaurant Anello" people of Italy restaurant
"Maserati Hamamatsu in your new year! Our Maserati's ride on the good news!


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