Lok sui-Tei Museum Showa era mansion to repair Japan garden art, pleasure and including Museum of art


That means enjoying the green "Giggle Lok sui et al."。
Nishi hongan-ji Temple of light light 門主During a visit here、
In the garden"Pavilion (gazebo)", "Lok sui-Tei (rakusuitei)".Named it continues、
2011March 5More 'Lok sui-Tei Museum"As has been open to the public (some charges apply)。

1950Year-1957 (0/1950-32)And constructed
Japanese-style architecture of the early Showa era wooden two-storey reinforced concrete structure building and、Collection of the dozo-zukuri buildings、
Those surrounding ponds and gazebo、Style of the seasons is configured in the Japan grounds
Total land area is approximately1,200basisWell mansion representing the vast reach, Toyama City
For generations as a precious cultural heritage to future generations、
"GARAKU"Run"Izak Isaac"GroupOfIshizakiObama's rise、
In store repairs、Promotion of Arts and culture and community contributions、Is strive to become institutions contribute to the development of the Toyama station North District。


Here、Along with the beautiful Japan garden where you can enjoy the changes of the seasons、
Were fused and craftsmanship of Japan Japanese Japan architectural space in contemporary artist's unfolding
You can enjoy the world of art.


In the entrance hall、"Museum Shop"The facilities、
I will introduce later。
Just、Opening 5th anniversary exhibitionAs2015March 20, (Friday)-6/14 (Sunday)Until being held
Pottery HouseKoichi UchidaAnd it's solo "Hands and eyes"We appreciate the。
Regarding the works be prohibited、Enjoy the atmosphere of the great House and garden landscape.


Museum of fine arts secretariat responsible for Yue sui Ting:Hiroo Konishi

On this day、Lok sui-Tei Museum Bureau ChiefHiroo KonishiAnd I'm on your time、Using our facilities。
Here is、Appointed as the Museum more than、During the Japan House in nature by placing works of art、
As if his home atmosphere、
Wants to feel closer to art andIshizakiExhibits, which pumped the intention of Mr.。
Many visitors from afar、You forget the time、Only in the latter slowly、
The splendor of the、Seems to have spread in the introduction of the fore people。
"Regained human"And that their oft-used。
KonishiHer own、Beauty isn't the day to change the landscape of the heart healed feelings although have。
For the next month5May 14, (Thursday)-17, (Sunday) To be held in special 4 days of limited night-time light special opening event、
"-K.Uchida’s BAR-"The atmosphere of the evening was nice and recommended!


From the fat pine Hall courtyard

Compost pine (koematsu)And the、Among the pine trees especially greasy stains, refers.、
Strong and persistent、Has excellent water resistance, insect repellent、That can be used as structural members such as beams or hallway Panel。


Yaku Cedar ceiling

On the ceiling、1993 yearThe world heritageKagoshima Prefectural Yakushima Yakushima CedarUsed、Charity highlight。
1970 yearThe nature conservation movement and enter、Would be a valuable one for logging is forbidden completely off the hands。


Transom (Japanese crane)

And transom、In between the ceiling and the kamoi mounted lattice or fretwork panels, etc.、
Also decorations, such as lighting and ventilation in。


Tatami veranda

Done is replacement of the mat at regular intervals、Good feet、Beautiful porch。
Views of the manicured luxurious wall-to-wall glass Vista.、Pleasant chirping of birds music。


View from the veranda-mat

Although caring for the garden are subjected to on a regular basis、Just dare and pruning、
That is maintained while leaving the natural body to feel the fascination with the natural、Lok Cui Ting garden and femininity。


Bath room

IshizakiThe MrBath roomThe、Not in use from Gallery、You can watch free。
Soak in the bathtub、This fully self contained lower back、So can exactly good looking overlooking the garden。
In the garden、Azaleas and rhododendrons、And blooming camellias、So enjoy the flowers of the four seasons.


The view from the tea-ceremony room

Cool cool hallway would、Bright sun and fresh green beauty leak Hardball。


Tearoom ' Bik-an (hekiann) from Vista

2013 yearThe were held in the fall "Contemporary Japanese crafts、Now, says jewel."The artists in the exhibition five
"Blue Hermitage (hekiann)"And has been named the。
Wang、White、A character named "Midori" comprising three stones、Green tea room in this show featured views、Sky、Water、
And、White porcelain reminds us of each writer、Glass co., Ltd.、Represents a bronze。
Also、The word "King"、Hopes of cultural prosperity in this land、
Tell you to fight on "stone" stout are named。



The Camellia jar floor vase、Southern treesIs widely used。
The southern hemisphere、Extremely slow-growing, while、Known as the tree of longevity、
Became a pillar as the trees grew thicker australis、Among the dilettante is prized as alcove pillars。
In Japan the most thick southern alcove、National treasure "Kinkaku-ji"In and、Thickness of 10 cm in diameter with age is what1200 yearWith that!
But we do not measure our southern、Seems to be quite a diameter (surprise)


A view from the Gallery 3

On collapsible Hori kotatsu table、Guest book and more、Many are 綴reru impressions in journals such as placed。
Feel free to register too!、A variety of feelings though sentence was drawn to enjoy too!。
Views of the garden from the Pavilion suggests when you sat down to start with here is fantastic!


Exploring the gardens of Japan、In footwear provided here, please。


1,200basisWhat's in a vast area of approximately900basisJapan style features a wonderful garden。
Here you will、And this fresh green season、Covered with trees and feel the summer summer、Fall foliage season deepens color、
And the winter snow and the、Guests can enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons garden.


Extensive gardens are freely stroll is possible、As time permits and enjoy!


Exhibition "warehouse"

The original、Renovated and was at close of second-tier、As the exhibition space is open。
In footwear is available at the entrance, please。


Black wallsCeiling height 5.6 mIn this Atrium space、
Plane、Solid、Performance and music、Readings, etc.、Without having ridden by genre、Potential can be achieved for free expression。
This time、HereKoichi UchidaIs it of the exhibition、Has been devised to focusing spot lighting、
Black long float in the space with artists was emanated the impact!
Also、This lovelyBronze signsAlsoKoichi UchidaAnd it's has been fabricated using!


Weeping cherry tree

Beside the warehouse planted a superbWeeping cherry treeThe、I was greeted with flowers in full bloom exactly at this time。
Branch takes hanging loosely.、Swaying in the wind, its appearance is lovely stuff!



About 30 of them so colorfulKoiThe leisurely swim、The mind of the beholder peaceful to me.


"Bravoles brother" Ryoji koie

What looks like a small stone, wearing a MOSS garden corner、
To tell the truth.、1One one of the pottersRyoji koieAnd it's works "Brother"It is。
And biodegradable sometime dirt、Could peek in secular work integrated garden and works nice 1 scene!


Pavilion (gazebo)

The Arbor here、During a visit here of ginkaku-ji Temple light light 門主
"Lok sui-Tei (rakusuitei)"And named it has now passed。


ArborAnd the、View to the gardens、A simple reactor will be established and the rest of。
That is the、For awnings with expansive vistas、
For a long time to cross.、And the garden is a great place!


The view from the gazebo

Wrapped in a bright green leaves、Spend a while enjoying the stunning gardens of Japan、Holiday afternoon。
Click hereLok sui-Tei MuseumNow、Touching various works、We will be a feast for the eyes、
Could spend a mind rich for quiet time.


Museum Shop

"Lok sui-Tei Museum"The entrance is、Start at the Museum shops。
Lok and MidoriNew overlay art symbol、What、
Japan's leading creative director、Art Director "KASHIWA SATO Kashiwa SATO"Mr. Design!
Kashiwa.Lok sui TingAnd I'm of logotypes and symbols of、
Attracted to the sound of its name、Inspiration's stroke often feel so have sprung up momentarily。
The logotype、Here "Tradition and innovation"It embodies a concept for、
Such as Meng book (an) old characters from and motif、
In addition designed typography completely modern interpretation、Is not wasted honed beautiful logo!


Museum Shop

The Museum Shop、In a simple building with a white、
At the entrance、In the modern and contemporary artists of Japan "Takashi Murakami"Is it's gorgeous flower and the。
Audio music、Denmark audio-visual products manufacturer
"B&O (bang&Olufsen)"Is used、It is a luxurious space.


As the proposed art into the everyday life of fun and joy to the art shop、
Original product started.、And exclusives、Such products through collaboration with the writer、
Full commitment of many products.


Accessories Designer bag ban Masako's work "acrylic"

In the shops of all ages are the most popular products、
Consisted of original graphic dinnerMasako SakamotoLet's be turned to designer bags and accessories、
Work has been created "Acrylic"The bag.。
High-capacity storage in light, sturdy composite materials、And simple designs and colours are popular.


"Goromaru shop"
Your dry confectionery


"Johanas Johannes"
Silk scarf


Museum shop on the right is at the Museum entrance fee、
Go up stairs of the left hand "Gallery & Cafe"Next、Gallery is can be enjoyed free of charge。


2Floor "Gallery & Café Rausui"



GARAKUAnd it's with original suites make pastry、Enjoy a leisurely tea!


Gallery spaces (free admission)

Painting、Ceramic art、Glass art、Metalwork、Changing works of art, such as sculpture are on display、That can be enjoyed free of charge。


Toyama station Station NorthMore located within 10-minute walk from "Lok sui-Tei Museum"Mr. a、
Spend a relaxing holiday will be a very nice Museum。
"GARAKU"Is it in is recommended as a stream, visit the course spent!

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Lok sui-Tei Museum
Toyama Prefecture Toyama Okuda-machi 2-27 TEL:076-439-2200
Opening hours:Museum of art and gardens, ZAO 10:00-17:00(Charges apply:Last admission is 16.:30-
Museum Shop 10:00-17:00
Gallery 201.202 10:00-17:00(Admission free)
Closed days:Wednesday、Year-end and new year holidays.、The exhibition replacement period (visit website)
Appreciation rates:On the per-project exhibition

Toyama Prefecture Toyama-City Toyama Okuda-machi 2-27, Toyama Prefecture Toyama-City Toyama Okuda shinmachi 2-27

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