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What's new at the Bonjour tea lounge in the Hotel Concorde



Success in the CastleHamamatsu CastleCan、Hamamatsu Castle ParkIn the adjacent 'Hotel Concorde Hamamatsu"Mr.。You can enjoy the lush green Park Hotel、During the、It is possible to enjoy the mascot character of the popular high rise Lord Ieyasu-Kun anime packed room。And with a free parking lot for 200 cars、Hotel guests have 24-hour movements free and、Founded more than 30 years in restaurant and banquet hall with more than professional school is。CurrentConcordMr. so、Its founding 33 yearsThe power we are poured into the renovation of the hotel has undergone a month!


1In the lobby,、Widely available to city residents to "Open gallery"Installation。Various paintings by local artists and photos、Enjoy the art of ikebana exhibition are held on a regular basis。The exhibition has been held since the end of last year、12/30( fire )-1 / 10 (SAT)The period of timeISOMURA thick new book work exhibitionIs!


1Tea lounge "Bonjour Bonjour"And I'm in is at the concession stand、Daily pastryMasayuki ShibataMr. Boulanger筒木 fountainMr. boasts a well popular salary and produce handmade bakery and cake!


At the tea lounge、Unwind on the couch waiting, is a good place、Preaching、I'm looking forward, reading and talking or loose、Are available in a wide range of situations.


On this day、Board of Directors President General ManagerTsuruta KimioIs it a new year's greetings to、Had a good time with you。Early next year、At various meetings, including a bustling, busyTsuruta.、Thank you taking the time。Overseas training opportunities travel hobby you have inTsurutaWith the、Talk about travel, Europe、Tea time!




At Concord's、But we have been holding the fair every elaborate、Exactly tomorrow.、1October 8 (Thu) 2/28 (sat.)Bakery and pastry shop "Champs Elysees"Mr. at theSpain fairsWill be held! While enjoying the creation in front of live kitchen、Water is delicious dish of paella with seafood and passion of Spain at the Viking! So you can also make reservations online、Please visit to our website!TsurutaSan、Thank you very much!

Hotel Concorde
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, original castle at 109-18-Cho TEL:053-457-1111

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku from Castle town 109-18

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Arrange the January campenenail at the nail salon "luminosiate"
Sarakhamisarn 2 new open Thailand-Laos cuisine "sarakhamisarn" branch


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