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Melts in your mouth procession with poached pancakes ' La Pullman Caffe’ La Pullman Café '



Hotel with Cafe、2013April 18, (Thursday) the new opening is from that、Specializing in pancakes weekdays/weekend regardless of popular soft-melts in your mouth "La Pullman Caffe’ La Pullman Café"Mr.。With many customers from afar、And the directions we will introduce STN.、North and hirokoji Street from hamamatsucho Station North exit、Turn left at the Tokai confectionery cooking school at the intersection of itaya-machi、Towards the back of the land research center of Ohara travel, hotel and bridal College Hamamatsu Branch to be Bill itaya-machi Bldg. 1F boutique next。Is marked with orange color signs!


In a classic Brown Interior colours and、Atmosphere。6 counter seats、There are table seats 12 seats、Because the pancake bake to order、Limits the number of guests。Saturday and Sunday、Not received holiday bookings、It can be booked only on weekdays。But this time we went to the 11:30、And waited for about 20 people who already、2And wait for an hour or so。Tell your name and mobile number、Seats are available to hear and is waiting in the city。Here pancakes、Sliding and trembling on the plate before carrying a sweet、Goes Askew mouth、Fluffy was fluffy with gaining popularity in that fine lustre and schwashvat vanish。He is the owner, SATO, Takahiko、Cook's talent came been teaches shop more than 20 years at the forefront of the culinary world is desire that "nowhere do we provide no pancakes. how they、Researches and analyses research was created completely original pancakes。1Limited number of bake time、Shop together with his wife due to much and waiting, I'm afraid、And humbly told SATO。


Have fun while making and look at the counter、Every order enters the egg whites scratch mixer hannshi、Together with fabric、Is was boring and was slowly and gently mix、1One is toasted。


Fabrics finished with rake with a ladle、To the plate。You can imagine at this point how soft the dough。


Standard Pan cake only 650 Yen、Drink set ¥ 950

Until the desired order from、Approximately 20 and takes about 30 minutes。3Stacked column、Standard has emerged shivering sliding and pancakes。Make pancakes about 8 cm in diameter.、Watch you like、The thickness is about 3 cm and height。In the standard、Put the butter、And served beside whipped cream、Powdered sugar is over Forrest from the top。And it is possible to adjust the sweetness and taste because another vessel with maple syrup。


The pancakes are thought to eat with knife and fork、Pancakes here are too soft with a spoon and fork, please。Rather no fork。If you try to hitosukui the spoon、Oh that so collapses during the softness。You're not only to have tasted this elasticity。


The surface is firm with beautiful color、While poached fluffy is really。In the mouth on the cheek and carried、Ephemeral snow to disappear.。Owner Joe say、The number is limited、And sold out in a single morning so popular "pancake" also come shopping agenda seemed confident.


Pullman blend

Drink set (Pullman blend、Iced coffee、Ginger ale、Cola、Oolong tea) of choice。The coffee here is、Toyohashi "APOLLO COFFEE WORKS apollocoffuwerks"Sent from comes.


Is ginger ale dry "ginger ale" only 400 Yen。

In the standard non-pancake、They also include US banana-chocolate and Berry。Because the base is an unassuming sweetness、トッピングを楽しみながら好みの味を追求してみてください店内では電話が鳴り続けても土日祝日は全く対応ができないようなので直接足を運ばれることをお勧めします平日に動ける方はその方が良いかもしれませんね♪

La Pullman Caffe’ La Pullman Café
Land Research Center 101-4 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-Shi building itaya-machi 1 F South TEL:053-456-5068
Hours of operation:(Tue-Thu) 8:00-20:00,(Gold、SAT) 10:30To 22:00,(Sunday) 10:30To 18:00
Closed on Mondays:Monday (once a month on Sunday、Monday holidays。Please see HP)

101 -4 itaya-machi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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