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The newly opened "KAGIYA CAFE cagiyacafe organic cafe



As the building where young creators in the Hamamatsu City、Picked up, CASA BRUTUS kirsabrutas, have attracted attention "KAGIYA building' The 2 f newly opened to 1/2013 as organic Cafe 'KAGIAA CAFE cagiyacafe"Mr.。In the building "BOOKS AND PRINTS-BLUE EAST"Facebook and will be on the same floor。The Café here is、Organic products (organic) and has been、Ogata Koichiro's owner's Representative Director co., fellows、5 dining Japanese-style bar black and "Le paradis Le Paradis" city run、Is now focused on the launch of the KAGIYA CAFE, here。


Shop、And 20 seats or so around the four walls、And headed to the window counter、It is sunny you can spend teatime while peering through the hustle and bustle of the City Cafe。There is still opened in the menu have been sought on a trial basis、Would you include a salad bar buffet lunch on weekdays at about 700 yen。Saturday and Sunday、Only domestic wheat flour quality、It's all homemade sandwich or Panini、Center are provided with organic drinks, pizza。On this day、I ran in the city "Le Vin Le Van"The now four Cafe with Terada-San and her daughter!


This is the menu Board。Organic coffee cup 300 yen.、And specialty sandwich has 280 Yen、And to set and drink 500 yen、Price is pretty reasonable。I am happy also Panini and sandwich takeout as a casual snack!


'Sandwich' 280 Yen

Suzuki Jun's staff is also responsible for food、The sandwich bread for the sandwich、Even the pizza dough bread is all that homemade。Light and flaky texture and easy to eat.、It's lettuce soup、Bacon、Has become a staple with a tomato sandwich。With the slightly larger than a Palm-sized sand 2, this price is very reasonable!


Sources with a hot sandwich, 3 species

Ketchup、Japanese onion、Since the sauce of balsamic vinegar 3 fit the sandwich none、Little by little, we changed the taste even better!



In service from the shop usually make smaller maple syrup sweet pizza、Like a OK for young children were Terada's daughter's (thanks)、It is used as a place of recreation and relaxation for parents who know!


KAGIYA blend 300 yen

KAGIYA blend coffee、Organic coffee is far No.1~No.3 three、Bitter taste、Sour、Guests can enjoy tasting different flavor to each。Earlier this month seems to break out taken full、12Be through sales from the month、26 pm and late night sales so can be used as a bar so。Cafe takeaway sandwich between jobs, including thank you very much like it?!

KAGIYA CAFE cagiyacafe
Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, 229-13 hook and Bill 203 TEL:090-1474-6352(Ogata h. Ichiro)
Hours of operation:10:00-15:00,18:00-26:00(* Open to 11-this time、12From March will be open)

229 -13 tamachi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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2013With Beaujolais, Italian dinner.
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