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Cosmos coffee home roasting coffee shop with freshly ground coffee beans and delicious cake gift



Makinohara route150LineOfShizunami Beach entrance intersection(Family dining peak crossing) headed straight to the coast、1Home roasting coffee shop where you turn right at the second crossroad intersection "COSMOS Cosmos ezo"Mr.。The original、In the owner's family 橋向、Extend your shop was started from a small shack、After the relocation of 2 號舖 eyes on Jing-Bo、In addition2013 OctoberNew near new House & coffee shop is poised、Is a specialty store for home roasting coffee that attracts not only local but also many coffee fun。All big house 1st floor space has become shop、Co. also provided、The ownerMakita DaisukeAnd it offers coffee and his wife made delicious cakes and baked goods。Parking is in front of me is equipped with、Come from afar is safe!


Shop、Warm natural wood grain an.、Of the ownerMakitaLet's counter and table seating can be just around the corner are brewing loose has 22 seats together。Serving counters、20About roasting green coffee beans are sorted and、There is a menu、DirectMakitaIs going to taste even better and is、Can interest smell and roasting at the show。Coffee beans、Even the conscientious100gFrom the purchase by、And in the homeMillYou grind on the fly without、Sawed their way we recommend purchase of beans left!


Behind the counter of the store,、And roasting room、BigRoasting machineHas been established。1In a roasting machine shop 號舖 eyes from being used here、Spotty garAndCore the restOf such non-State、Knowledge with Makita's years of experience and、Under fire by data management、Please put careful roasting giving time。Before roasting、Not to mention the handReactivity KingEnter。Reactivity KingAnd the、Present in raw coffee beansMold、Fermentation、Moth、ImmatureThe beans、Eliminating the poor state that only a good bean by hand damaged grain beans、Doing thorough screening。In addition、Finish selection again after roasting to make a high-quality coffee beans that are strictly、ThatDouble hand picksReferred to as。In a polite hand lovingly, over the effort.、So a cup of delicious coffee was born.


In the showcase、Sign cakes made with plenty of eggs was born in Shizuoka "egg roll" at the top、Popular tart and chocolate、Hits and 10 varieties of cakes, cheese cakes!


The owner is.、Espresso eligible bachelor a roasting,Makita DaisukeSan。Prior to the independence、Located in Tokyo's Minami-senju1968 yearFounded long-established Café 'Cafe Cafe Johann Sebastian Bach"Taguchi IchigoAnd it's under training is not met so。Handed down the style of the Café Bach hasn't really delicious coffee and cake、And now that。Very impressive is the drip to order coffee one cup at a timeMakitaSan。A happy new year、I am the one under40Years of ageAnd still young.、Because of its simplicity will value the commitment、Further success in the future is not to be missed!


In the shop、Line the pastry cake other than、Equipped with get to the perfect gift for new year greetings new year gift。Cosmos are not closed during the new year's day from the end of the year, I。Still early January is busy in、New year's at the end of January tend to be busy of late is taken off。Me too thanks、Could be a nice gift for family!


Cake shop usually got more of surprise surprise to many of the types of pastries and baked goods。How so very delicious, familiar faces。Please ask us for coffee!


On this day、And coffee to the coffee loving parents、Selection of two forms of coffee drink at home.。With the local place names "Hydrostatic wave black"Even so we had to、5thAnd became concerned about coffee cute sticker and ask、Whatever the fujieda "sneaker-Café MAGFORLIA magfolia' Say, PISCES stylish sneaker shop ownerTakaya YamadaJust so it's inimitable coffee lover、Cosmos several times and I to go inSee your favorite original coffee to create a? 」The story becomes、MakitaMr. I made with glue (lol)、1And try to sell in a month per month for a limited time、Blend beans customers seem to have settled、Before one is aware of the Cosmos I's is a staple on list a。YamadaAnd it's burning desire for coffee、MakitaIs it's original coffee created by caring for coffee drinkers。From the I hear such a lovely story、Want to not buy there there no (laughs)Cosmos blendAndMAG Folia blendThe decided to purchase 2 type!


Makita,ladeIn presenting your business card and、See business cards but instead come in! 'And、ThatCafé BachWho invented the originalPaper filtersGave us a gift! Thank you very much! (I) the、By dare to roughen the filters、The extract speed and smoothly、It's possible make little added flavor coffee。Immediately、Would like to try at home!


Cosmos blend 100 g 600 Yen、MAG Folia blend 100 g 700 yen

Cosmos blendThe、Cosmos and it's original main blend、Sweet、Cuck、Coffee acidity and balanced and will。MAG Folia blendThe、Sneaker store of attention "sneaker-Café MAGFORLIA magfolia"With the collaborative blend、Enjoy the bitter impact of a roast.


"Egg roll" 350 yen、New York cheese cake 400 Yen、"Dark Cherry tart" 450 Yen

With plenty of Shizuoka eggEgg RollThe、Fluffy sponge dough moist cream of sweet humble enough。New York cheese cakeThe、Mixed with the cream cheese from France、With sour cream and toasted in the cremieux、While rich was nettled by not。Dark Cherry tartThe、During the tart、In a dish with a dark Cherry and chocolate, baked、Cosmos is it tart is so popular now.


"Noir" 500 yen、"Strawberry Shortcake" 400 Yen、Egg pudding 300 yen

The sand and plenty of chocolate richNoire。Simple, gentle earthy tasteStrawberry short cake。And、With plenty of Shizuoka eggEgg puddingThe、In a smooth, rich puddings sweetness is restrained、Hardness as good.。But on the whole Visual pizazz、Provides stable faithful also to a rustic flavor.


"Biscotti" 380 Yen、"Coffee meringue" 350 yen


Cosmos blend

Presented by parents like coffeeCosmos blendImmediately making it at home、Whats up with this cake in all families。And become familiar with the gentle sweet cake、Very nice balance of good coffee!


With the Mag Folia blended biscotti and coffee meringue

Return to the home of Hamamatsu、Has been purchased with beansMAG Folia blendHand-ground and、Driped original blend.。Feel good and bitter roast inMAG Folia blendAnd、Enjoy crunch textureBiscotti、And while the crispy mouth melt quickly、Never ever tasted is deliciousCoffee meringueWith friendly is the best! Coffee roasting technology is of course、I think that was a pretty good-quality baked goods stores。Really good in my neighborhood! It is a sign so I stop by whenever I come back home!MakitaSan、Thank you very much!

COSMOS Cosmos ezo
Shizuoka Prefecture bokushi haraichi static wave 2263-6 TEL:0548-22-6685
Opening hours Mon-Fri 12:00-21:00、Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10:00-21:00( L.O.20:30-
Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday

Shizuoka Prefecture bokushi Hara Shi Jing wave 2263 -6

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And then home to her family "makinohara.、First Fuji, to the first prefectural Park shizunami seashore Home "dining peaks" in the new year greetings、Enclose the Sukiyaki, a time of family togetherness
And then home to her family "makinohara.、First Fuji, to the first prefectural Park shizunami seashore
Home "dining peaks" in the new year greetings、Enclose the Sukiyaki, a time of family togetherness


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