Relaxation in slow city limited cafe de juno limited sales of coffee.


Able to safely slow city, filmed and edited and uploaded to、I finally put down body muscle pain。As the film crew running around in、But you can't quite enjoy the shopping in slow city、In beating the positioning, the head priest of many mountain "juno" mainly、Blister and Japanese restaurant I、Kuramoto's cloth、L'Amour FUSSE、Slow city limited was formed by the MOM feeding her popular Cafe unit "Cafe de juno Café de Juno' Is it's will introduce coffee beans only could barely get!

Vanilla coffee 200 g ¥ 1,000

This coffee is、Ever blister and Japanese restaurant, it's flavored coffee without even once sold only during the event sales were。This time、Special sale was only 30 bag in slow city limited。Coffee specialty coffee world excellence region Guatemala-Antigua from main to the finest Madagascar vanilla beans "pods" each is a 100% natural plump bottle using a flavored coffee。This sweet will produce a world without having ever tasted wonderful scent bewitchingly aroma and coffee of the。

European blend coffee 200 g 720 Yen

European is a rich deep flavor in the deep dark original blend。Goes well with cappuccino and latte。

Carmen plantation (from Panama) 200 g 920 Yen

This farm is a farm in prestigious competitions such as "best of Panama" and "Panama auction" in many award-winning。Also seeking coexistence with the natural environment、International nature protection organizations further consideration in the working environment "Rainforest Alliance" certified farms.。A rich sweet and sour、Mild coffee good body balance and light taste.。


I think we enjoy vanilla coffee。Open the seal and bittersweet sweet vanilla scent spread throughout the room、Celebrate the ultimate relaxation (fragrant-♪)。You peeked in and certainly contains vanilla beans。Stuff plus the aroma of coffee, such as suites meltingly tender sweetness.


Actually ever to disturb the aroma of coffee flavors coffee's image and was shunned。However,、This flavor is balanced with a sickly sweet smell is just bad coffee is totally different、Enjoy a unique natural deep soft sweet scent、Taste is light and refreshing taste of coffee。According to horotto the bittersweet texture of cookies as delicious!。Non-vanilla coffee European blend and Carmen plantation "blister and Japanese restaurant" and it can be purchased at。Hama-CHAN、Akemi、Delicious coffee, thank you always! The contact after returning safely from Italy (laughs)

Cafe de juno this coffee beans
Vanilla coffee 200 g ¥ 1,000
European blend 200 g 720 Yen
Carmen farm 200 g 920 Yen

Blister and Japanese restaurant
Fukuroi-shi Muramatsu 2607 TEL:0538-42-7222 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday


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