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Using "my Christmas dinner 2016" seasonal full-course



Every year、Christmas and "what are you doing this year? "And in my home start ago busy、1On the day there running around here.、Go food shopping! Very well!

Say that quickly passed by year end major events like Christmas Eve、Without wishing to、In our House and enjoy Dinner alone 2!

To decorate the ornate Noël Dinner table、Of my favorite artists in Toyama
Gaku SyakunagaAnd cumShimoo DesignThe caudate, Kazuhiko and caudate Saori works (instrument) is a big success!

First of all, "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)」にて購入し「Champagne福袋」で獲得した英国王室御用達の「Pol Roger(ポル・ロジェ)」にて乾杯し豊かな果実味とElegantな味わいを楽しみながら一皿一皿ずつ作り上げ旦那様にお手製料理を味わって頂きました♪

メインディッシュの岩手県産の鴨に合わせて、Red wine "Morey Saint Denis” Coeur d'Argile”Frederic Magnien (Morey-Saint-Denis [2013]”Cool Dalziel”Frederick Magnan).。In the glow of a beautiful Ruby color、Delicacy has a mild sweet red fruit、Balanced depth、Favorite flavor is smooth to the tongue, very easy to drink、2In "really good! ~!" and、Able to enjoy the afterglow.

Finish the Christmas cake、In Hamamatsu of popular stores ' Abondance (Abondance) "The Bûche de Noël (Praliné) of Bernard Heberle decided! Bernard boasts butter cream is very rich and mouth melt dying good and delicious、Well with the coffee is excellent!

Thank you for this year had safely while、I hope my best wishes with our health Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!!

[Noël Dinner Menu]
▪︎The crab cold Royal Juniper belly Jule
▪︎Spain ham cream cheese and Apple honey
▪︎Cauliflower soup
▪︎Served with baguette baguette
▪︎Roasted gizzards herb oil.
▪︎Horse mackerel Sesame fried forest walks
▪︎Oysters au gratin with spinach sauce
▪︎Iwate duck low-temperature cooking France produced foie gras with red wine sauce
▪︎Abondance Bûche de Noël (Praliné)













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Meeting with the President of the "nagoyawestincatle" MT Salon onde group "JAMS" Bistro diner feel in a casual atmosphere
Meeting with the President of the "nagoyawestincatle" MT Salon onde group
"JAMS" Bistro diner feel in a casual atmosphere


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