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Buy "BBQ House Yanagisawa" one head the Shizuoka steudel provided a valuable site!




Kaji-Cho Hamamatsu City、Mizuho Bank alley Ozawa vil III. of the located on the 3rd floor "BBQ House Yanagisawa"The、 Commitment to providing meat、Attentive service by the delicate and refreshing and aftertaste features prime beef "Shizuoka wisdom" is used only、Bought one for parts of the normal start、Is a fine barbecue specialty stores also enjoyed the site of rare and valuable site!

Unison everyone you like yakiniku "Gyu's Yanagisawa in Hamamatsu.、I would say so!

On the specify farm in Shizuoka Prefecture、Attention to female cattle、Of the brings out the characteristics of the original feed and unified management、 Carefully and lovingly "Japanese beef Shizuoka wisdom" is brought。 Here you will、Designated farm raised, health care "Japanese beef Shizuoka wisdom" of selected only taste good cows、 More detailed、Sweet an soft, fleshy.、Mouth of the melt is characterized by refined good taste of。 Tasty sweet meat flavor and marbling of the balance for、And meat I dared using the A4 grade。 In addition、In order to provide in good condition、Is Buri stick cut to order.

Get inside and 20 seats、The book challenges the shop is famous for、Could this day how lucky to have in diving to enter the shop!

While taking a beer、Sirloin to skirt steak、Casella、Ongoing and sibille、You put in the bucket "Tartar" dying is addictive!

Here to finish "curry" is recommended! Soup of Ceylon Curry taken from a beef bone broth made without flour、Healthy and light, gelatinous! Half size so come!

In addition、Let's order a delicious 'vegetable juice"which here is wholesome, nourishing, celery and spinach lemon is a refreshing aftertaste! Grilled beef with stamina、I would survive powerful lunar new year!


















Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
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"I guess Rin eel shop" eel representing the Hamamatsu area reopened. Oi town filled with "H-h" downtown color is a popular retreat Japanese dining bar
"I guess Rin eel shop" eel representing the Hamamatsu area reopened.
Oi town filled with "H-h" downtown color is a popular retreat Japanese dining bar


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