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Dancer is.、Even teachers led by Arakawa Miyuki representative "JAZZ ARAKAWA & # 8217s; S DANCIN 」… Aka JAD 2 years once a voluntary performance has begun its 20th anniversary birthday、2013Was held September 8, (Sunday) in memorable performances。The theme is "THE STREAM-flow" and entitled、2One opens in work pieces。Performers、Arakawa, Miyuki's presided over at the top、Daughter with is REI's best apprentice even dance instructors、Associate lecturers、And has become a powerful performance from little kids on the students of the school of dance out 111 people in a mature veteran Pike。Yet Hall Hamamatsu-City educational culture Hall is a venue。And sense the procession from the time before the doors opened, is a great success!


Admission is by advance ticket、The brochure will be。This time、Opportunity to have watching this performance was、In our salon our customers started in jazz dance school performances、I'm still learning、Because it was to stand on the stage with the、Came to cheer the rehearsal's up!


The stage、2Consists of system、4Work will be performed。The first part is、Try directing the city's bustling night and the bar counter、2On the stage、The Lion King theme song from coexistence with nature.、Is directing the world of dreams and adventures。And part 2、Below is from a cute kindergarten on the、On the other hand goodbye to each group up to junior high school age start showing the grown-up face、Various attractive dance me。And the final、Were their mysteriasmascalade popular in DisneySea show great success in、Ended。2JAD dancing show once a year、If you are interested in the next to go and try!

Start date and time:2013September 8, (Sunday) open 16:30 Start 17:00
Venue:Yet Hall Hamamatsu City education culture center / rates:Free seating 2000 yen (day 2500 yen)
Sponsored by:JAZZ ARAKAWA'S DANCIN / contact TEL:053-461-3136

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Feel free and affordable Bistro de amuse selling lunch * 2014 July closing. Art autumn is coming! Dominic Wirth's Open Studio & exhibition news
Feel free and affordable Bistro de amuse selling lunch * 2014 July closing.
Art autumn is coming! Dominic Wirth's Open Studio & exhibition news


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