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Meeting and Mr. Takuma Yoshida nexia BB headquarters 'Nexyz.'



2014In September (its establishment 28 years eyes)Greeted、2005Internet connection services for individuals has been working since "Nexyz.BB"、Judged from the popularization of the Internet came into the recovery stage、As an initiative to the new needs of the market sectors、Energy environment-related businesses have started in earnest "Nexyz. Nexia"Mr.。Now、LED rental serviceThe result has been test marketing、With approximately 1700 stores more than lighting electricity consumption of many dining and accommodation options, such as that available as。In addition、Worked on the spread of the electronic magazine of new media, such as、Positioned as the core business of the group life amenity business、Enhancing corporate value and the Group companies、Better for your life partner as much as possible in some hard efforts to。On this day、Have been located at sakuragaoka-Cho Shibuya-kuNexia headquartersIs it to understand。


At the front desk have been creating simple yet stylish space、For the receptionist to the smiley's。Play a cultural education program in one of the anexa group businessHakubi comprehensive schoolAnd I of being sponsored "When Queen contest by 2014"The Panel has jumped into the eyes。Period of one year each year, qualifying is done in the whole country、応募総数6,657PeopleThe win came in320Peopleの方々が本選に出場され日本の伝統美である着物姿を競われています世界に誇れる民族衣装である着物その文化継承をネクシィーズさんは大切にされています

Found this interesting approach!Anexa groupFor in every employee's lusty "Love fortune cookies anexa group Ver. / AKB48[Official]」ダンスを全国の支店からお届けされており豪華出演者と­してSenichi Hoshino監督はじめ幻冬舎Toru kenjo社長ボクシング元世界王者Takanori Hatakeyamaチャンプ世界のプリマドンナ オペラ歌手Michie nakamaruさんもご登場されていますとても見応えがあり大きなパワーを感じることができる作品となっています!ネクシィーズさんのブログを拝見すると、Current、営業部に在籍され活躍されている社員さんの生の声がありました素敵だなと共感させていただいたのでご紹介させていただきます以下Nexia HR managers blogより抜粋



Anexa groupOfNexyZ.BB co., Ltd.Director,Takuma YoshidaSan。Previous、旦那様が東京にいた時期に仕事を共にしていた仲間内でもあり今でも変わらずの友人で通称Lot-CHANIt is。お会いするたびに出世されている気がします(笑)現在新たな事業企画としてInheritanceに関連する新しいビジネスモデルを構築されている段階とのこと。In the future、情報交換をさせていただきながら旦那様が取得したHeritage consultantとしての使命を活かせればと思います。Lot-CHAN、次回は浜松にも是非遊びにいらしてくださいね♪

Nexyz. Nexia
東京都渋谷区桜丘町20番4号 ネクシィーズスクエアビル TEL:03-5459-7444

Shizuoka Prefecture West Center packed with information on gourmet restaurants in Tokyo, Nagoya and overseas!
Food log version caches to currently provides information on gourmet restaurants in more than 700。
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Tokyo Midtown in new 'Maserati Ghibli! 100-year anniversary celebration! A number of’ Won the award in the DESIGN AWARD! DOYLE COLECTION representative on love,
Tokyo Midtown in new 'Maserati Ghibli! 100-year anniversary celebration!
A number of’ Won the award in the DESIGN AWARD! DOYLE COLECTION representative on love,


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