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Through the use of an existing building (stock)、New saddle fashion、We propose a choice of residence for、2005Produce a renovation, was founded in Tokyo "ReBITA livita"。Company nameReBITAThe "The renovated lifestyle and living"That and Inno、Beyond playing the building (hard)、And creative services at a reasonable price your life style、Along with the renovation of the building、And possible Community of family, neighborhood and community regeneration、Born and living in affluent and goalsAre provided。This time the、Were involved and livitaSHOP & OFFICE APARTMENTFeatures became one newShare complex"THE SHARE"In order to open、Tokyo to Harajuku! Harajuku is a 48 year-old jingumae 2-Chome intersection in company dormitory renovation (rehabilitation).。The facilities of reinforced concrete、Armies through the age structure was、"Simple Vintage"Very well inherit the atmosphere only after the 48-year-old time design concept and、Vintage façade during a simple old utilizing active and make the space is。


1In the F、High level of community and cultureCommercial tenantsAttract and、As a community hub connecting residents and external space、As the local community events。1F floor shop、And the same brick wall, decorated with wood deck、Director of spatial interaction with people during the warmth of wood with every fading as a warm。On this day、Livita consulting, group leaderHiroko OkazakiIs it in using shopping guide。


2F、CreativeOffice spaceNext、As the creator and artist's studios and offices、Fixed desks and share Office and SOHO area also uses various features。


You can see、Simple, without any extra design facilities in the Office of the、Wall、The door and brings by being painted、Has become blindfolded much emotion, plumbing & electric。


3F-5 f、Shower room and toilet、Place the laundry in the same floor、For the kitchen and lounge are summarized on the 6th floor、Individual rooms can be freely usedResidential spaceAre provided as。3When it comes to floor、Women's-onlyFloors and Interior, feminine、Place the floor in Ladies Shoes cloak、Even within the same floor is designed for worry not only women。


6The floor、OFFICE APARTMENTMoving appeals forThe spacious lounge and kitchen space in、Theater room and library、People and life、Information、Interaction with its rich culture and is available、Here isAs a place of exchanges between residents、As the business meetings、Is the new culture is born。The entrance isAuto-lockHas become a、Users of the card is secure entry and security。Mounted on the wallArea mapThe、Such announcements, events and information to individual、Write a free chalkboard formulas and ideas unique、Can a glimpse of culture have been moved we'll build together、LocationMarket shareThe value of the、Has become a comfortable place to boost creativity。


6F floor in hammocks is the impressive lounge and library。Here are no shoes policy、In a relaxed and comfortable、CommunicationThe born。


The roof、OFFICE APARTMENTMoving appeals forThe roof terrace garden and has、Party and events、How to use a variety is free。In the garden-style、StylistKumagai TakashiAnd appointed Mr、Use plants with Tokyo CityGreenAnd provide a living、Has become a cozy atmosphere。Summer、From here it is enjoy Fireworks view。In addition to Tokyo、The building has been built and the Japan National、Various background era gradually become obsolete.、Simply not only aging causes、The building is used, will no longer meet the needs society is also、Major factors which contributed to。Livita,Material perspective、Cultural perspective、Functional perspectiveFrom renovating buildings、Suitable for age、Or to take a proposal、Playing the building is。Aiming at revitalization from a building rehabilitation、Spread the possibility of renovation on urban development、Creation of a friendly future for the precious planet and those who live there continue to contribute to is.。"Old ≠ not worth"I think you're right。This time we visited the、Became a good opportunity of Japan a new home and future direction of our study。

ReBITA Inc. livita
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 2-16-1 Daiwa Shibuya Palace miyamasu-Zaka Bldg 11F ( old & Shibuya Bldg. )
TEL:03-5468-9225 (Representative)

Tokyo Shibuya-ku jingumae 3-25-18.

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