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"Gaku Syakunaga" Live as a ceramist at the nostalgic cityscape Iwase Toyama



Remains now many houses built in the Meiji eraIwaseIn one corner of the city
As the nakaniikawa County Tateyama-machi Toyama Prefecture ceramic art house "Gaku Syakunaga"And he's visited the residence-cum-workshop。
Iwase district、The city thrived as a port city North ships to Japan Sea and from the early Edo period。
The Hokkoku Kaido riverbank lined-Donya in Northern previous ship back to town、
And left many houses built in the Meiji era、
Underscoring its increased at that time、Time, if so this seems nostalgic。


Kaga mikura is placed、Port of export rice to the top of glory、
In the late Edo period、Seaweed from Hokkaido and herring、Town of Iwase brought more wealth and culture due to the import of fertilizer。
Here you will、Is called Godai and the Iwase family as an important cultural property.、
Specified in the designated national historic ships "Northern ships Donya forest House"In prior toGaku SyakunagaAnd I live there。
Street residence side's row houses made a fortune as a seafood wholesaler、
For on the other side was a House Clerk class、The texture of the materials of a building across the street and different。
This city is known as a tourist attraction of Toyama、
By the activity of the light rail runs from JR Toyama station North exit towards Toyama port Iwase、
Many tourists are visiting.。

Designated as national and Northern ships Donya forest House
Location:Toyama Prefecture Toyama higashiiwase-Cho 108
Admission fees:100 yen for adults、Children closed 50 Yen:Year-end and new year holidays (12/28-1/4) * may temporarily closed。
Time:9:00~ 16:30
Contact TEL:076-437-8960




We welcomed by a heroic style by "volcano" and hand-carved wooden nameplate。
Facades used sales insect cages (sumushiko)、4-installed with 5 mm as width divided by bamboo screens、
Exudes a subtle and gentle, airy texture。
During the day、外の明るさゆえに家の内側からの風景が望めるため人の賑わいが伝わり
On the reverse、夜は家の灯りで外から中の温かさが伝わるようになっています

こちらの家屋は富山の銘酒「Masuizumi"Breweries to manufacture"Masuda sake brewery"ofMasudaWho is the owner、
MasudaWho to seeIwase not pottery?"And so was trigger who you calling out。
This home will knock nearly nine years ago,、
MasudaJust when to leave as a historic town and hung out、
"If you renovate and build、Young artists are making of fledgling"And it is desired。
At that time、Tin was hamstrung-clad House renovate both inside and outside、
Well-kept houses、Gaku SyakunagaHer family'sWorking living roomTo and is reborn。


Porch Passin、The wind passes through pleasant House、Cool cool space will do。
On the floor、Put the large table in the Middle、Some pieces are displayed。
In the end your's a、Open all the time as a gallery for、
Please note that non-tour will be in without an appointment。


Vases and flower stands / Gaku Syakunaga


The small rise、Put one large table、Visit our visitor and so become lively banquet table、
Usually used as a utility room with space?。
Cook will also beGaku SyakunagaMr. a、Great fish Yellowtail Shabu-Shabu or off]、Friend Hunter 捕reba bear and wild boar、
Serving hearty man that behavior party everyone seems to。
To arrange flowers Vases made in "women's power" is also highly、Also do you have (lol)


The original、Into this world, aiming for sculptureGaku SyakunagaMr. a、
Was graduated from the sculpture Department of Tokyo University of the arts、Start learn ceramics in Kyoto Prefectural Potter school molding Department。
After graduating in 2003, etchū-jiki "Zhuang enjoy kiln"of釋 Yukio TokunagaHe said that his father was、
Under father、同じ窯元で勉強をし始めるも
"Lévo"ofEiji Taniguchiシェフや良き理解者に支えられ少しずつ心に変化が生まれたといいます
TaniguchiMeet chef、レヴォに「No one outside of、I want to Toyama!」と熱望され
Gaku Syakunagaさんの作品をまとめて入れてくださったことを機に
The first、新作ゆえの世に出る前の作品に自信が持てずほんの少しの迷いがあったこともあると
To be perfectly honest, talking about pureGaku SyakunagaSan。
However,、TaniguchiThe chef "This is good! I ask in this platter!」の熱い一言で大きな自信を得たといいます


Gaku SyakunagaMs. of 'Light beam white glass"In the cold and the KingSpring water in baptism in johanaWhats up。


漆を用い物映えする黒の「Raven series"The、焼き物らしくないレザーのような質感が大きな特徴です
Gaku Syakunaga
"Shigeru Takizawa Shigeru Takizawa」氏とのコラボレーションなどで作品を紹介されています
Current、作品オファーのほとんどは口コミが多く人と人の繋がりを大切にされているGaku SyakunagaSan。
That "TAKAZAWA"ofYoshiaki takazawaChef also magazine "Discover discover Japan"The plan of the search
"Little city walk?」と誘い出してもらい工房を見学させていただきます


Liquor store is obsessed with especially ginjo sake breweries direct shop "Wine merchant Tajiri Head Office」の横裏手に彼の工房があります
Here you will、All the same "Masuda sake brewery"Masuo Fountain (masuizumi)In the famous、
Other、WINS pawns, chrysanthemums and dance Tengu, Heilongjiang, 8 seamounts and daruma Masamune, southern Belle, 澤屋Such as
The other day、いただいた「HENRI GIRAUD-anrigiraud」の日本正規輸入代理店の特約店でもあります
This time the、Could not come here in a matter of hours.、
I think next time I go。




The original、And renovate the place was being used as a yonekura、
Hotel is on the table、At the back of the glass artistYasuda, Makoto.Gaku SyakunagaAnd I'm of Kobo ranges。


In the Studio、Both small and large gas kilns are equipped with、The piece has been involved in some places。


Soil development




Gas kiln


Beautiful streamline overlapping、Current、New three-dimensional work。
Now、Spoke to an ambitious aim to have in the production of solid。
Here is、With plate-like clay、Tatara technique using a uniform thickness and forming、Are we take then。
In the delicate temperature adjustment the gas kiln、Future、And baked in the。
However,、His work is not baked in the end、Real's win from there、
Originality lacquer technique、Finally marks the completion of。


Gaku Syakunaga / Gaku Shakunaga

Although he is not in everyday use、Using lacquer as the one and only、
Boasts a simple and stylish design。
The moment you touch the、The ultimate attack with a viable because of the subtlety。
The produce of his、Many cooks who are keen now。

2015On October 11Gaku SyakunagaAnd I'm invited to Hamamatsu、"Buddhism Yun Yong Yue Tao Show"We have held!
Has been used in Japan Japan's famous restaurant chefs and luxury hotels、
He now gets the attention from overseas work、Each one is all handmade and、
Thoughts or points in mind in the work of spirit。His time saw more specifically。

Pattern of events can be found here!

Also planning organized by lade 釋 Yong Yue's instrument has to travel all over the world "To travel with the series"Now
Produced by the world's 50 best restaurant Awards nominations at all times and return "RAW"In the Center
"Joel Robuchon"、"Shoun Ryugin"Such collaboration with famous restaurants, has been attracting attention。

To travel with the series器と旅するシリーズ

Gaku Syakunaga

The other day、釋 Yong Yue Mr. Potter "The Wonder 500It was chosen to "!
"The Wonder 500"、In the Ministry of economy, trade and industry announced、
For the promotion of community revitalization by Phonies、See The Wonder 500 ™ (The Wonder Five Hundred) "to start!
"That is not yet known to the world、Japan's outstanding products "as has announced 500 merchandise selected。
Its 500 of I "釋永 dake of vessel" has been selected in!
Habatake! To the World!
lade-I will back up he completely!

The Wonder 500

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SHIMOO DESIGN couples produce refined beautiful Japan tools us The miracle of South Nanto City Johana "kigyo Matsui" silkworm! Johana beautiful traditional woven natural silk
SHIMOO DESIGN couples produce refined beautiful Japan tools us
The miracle of South Nanto City Johana "kigyo Matsui" silkworm! Johana beautiful traditional woven natural silk



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